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MANV 1188 Dub

Cert  18

Detonator Orgun

The battle for Earth is about to begin... That's what it says. This is the story of one Tomoru, who is the symbiotic pilot with a creature called Orgun. An unfortunate name, I grant you (anyone for jokes about Tomoru playing with his Orgun?) but there you are. It seems that a large alien superrace is intent on conquering the Earth, and is sending all sorts of creatures to speed this process on its merry way, but they have a traitor in their midst, Orgun. He has apparently got a bit of compassion and has sent his blueprint to Earth for reconstruction so that he can help fend off these aliens. In the process, the scientist, one Professor Kanzaki (who incidentally is a babe) finds a few odd facts about these so-called aliens...

So what do you actually get? Over two hours of techno-babble and beat up the friggin' alien. Actually, that is a little over the top as they have tried to give the lead charas (at least) some depth, but the occasional throwaway lines, for example the bit about the Jag that Kanzaki runs Tomoru over in, makes me wonder if the original was a serious anime or a parody. Fairly good on the animation front, though a bit wearing. I haven't watched anything this long since Arcadia of my Youth!

The two things that come to mind are that it is a great value anime (you rarely get more than an hour for these prices!) and isn't the anime a lot like Evangelion. Unwilling, untrained person is meshed with giant robotic-like creature to do battle, regrets it, runs away, comes back... you get the picture? Wonder if Manga brought this out for that reason? You decide for yourself, but I think it is a fairly watchable anime, if a little drawn out.

Since this review was written, MEL has re-released this title on dub-only DVD.

[4 stars]

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