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Mean & Mercenary

I suppose it was bound to happen. Manga brought out a video containing the "best" bits from the past five years of Manga releases. By "best", they mean fight scenes. I have two things to say about this. First, this is a shameless attempt by Manga to cash in on their past record, and in doing so they have, at a stroke, revealed their hand as far as future release preferences are concerned. Second, these are all scenes taken from past Manga releases and, as such, I've seen nearly all of them anyway and even if I had not, I would prefer to see them in context rather than a shabby attempt to make fast cash in this way. This video will never go into my collection, and given that I have some real doodoo among my titles for various reasons, that is saying a lot. It gets one star only because there is no such thing as a negative rating. Its only conceivable use might be as a preview video for a newbie, but there are better titles for newbies to get into than this, and certainly more representative ones.

[1 star]

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