Lurkers' Retreat
KIS 93055 Dub

Cert  15

MD Geist 2 - Death Force

So the planet is now swarming with some pretty nasty beasties, tearing up the human population wherever it finds it. This was the result of what happened in part one, though nobody is left to recount the story save one. She arrives at an outpost in the middle of the desert and meets the heroic saviour of that outpost, when suddenly she notices something familiar about him... Actually, the box says very little apart from the planet is dying!

So we get more of the same. The robots were a bit like giant millipedes with an attitude, plenty of blood whenever they met up with anything that had blood, mindless violence, hero worship and a showdown to cap it all at the end. Geist 1 veterans will know most of what there is to know about MDS folklore, and the situation of the planet, its people and the problems that they face just adds another layer to a storyline that was set up in part 1, and was going nowhere then.

Actually, given the first part was hardly a fave of mine, I'm surprised I have given this space here, but here we are again, and I'm sorry but this sucks more than part 1. The storyline is so predictable (though at least it has one, I suppose!) while the animation is virtually unchanged. If this is what Kiseki and USMC set out to release here, then I think that they have wasted their time (though if they were to do Iria... well that's another story!) This is beat 'em up country again, and I am not impressed.

[2 stars]

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