Lurkers' Retreat
USM 1024 Dub

Cert  US import
(UK release on Kiseki)

MD Geist

Although now released in the US some five years ago (at the time of writing this review), MD Geist (The Director's Cut) has just been released in the UK. This review is based on the American copy. This was the first ever NTSC import I ever bought. Pity...

The cover describes the quest for the ultimate soldier, and describes the MDS, or Most Dangerous Soldiers, setting the scene for MD Geist and his adventures on planet Jerra.

The whole anime is based around the enhanced fighting abilities of Geist, and around several fights, the finale being the fight not just for his life but the survival of the planet. The story is a little shaky, but bearable I suppose. Jerra is a wasteland after many years of warring between the regulars and the Nexrum, with groups of privateers adding to the anarchy, a group of which Geist joins after a fight over a suit of armour. Geist's secret? Well, it seemed that the people that made him were a little too good at their job, and tried to imprison him and his fellows before he did something that they might regret.

At least it has a story! It has been a while since I watched it and, back when I did, I thought it was real pants. Since then, with some of the toilet I have seen from other sources, this is not so bad, if a little drawn out in the fight scenes and too short in the story side; it expects you to pick up the relevant plot through exposition and text references too much. A good one again for the beat-em-up fans, and one of the better examples but still hardly worth it.

[3 stars]

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