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Box: MANG 2009
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Cert: 12

Macross Plus - The Movie

No, you didn't misread it; this was a sub! An unusual offering from Mangle considering its allergy to the type. But enough of this, what about the film?

If you have seen the OAV series, you will know about the plot. What you will get from the film however is a tighter version of the story with improvements to animation and story throughout. This could be said to be one of my fave releases this year (well, at least it was back then!), and that's an achievement for Mangle who rarely rate more than a "oh bloody hfil, not more Mangle dross!" from me.

For those who haven't kept up with this series, Isamu Dyson and Guld Goa Bowman (sp?) are test pilots for UN Spacy testing rival bids for the new Valkyrie fighter. Myung is the director of Sharon Apple, a virturoid idol. However, all three are linked by three things; first, they grew up on this planet together and were great friends; second, something happened to end that friendship which means that now Myung will not sing (she had been a great singer in high school) and the other two fight whenever they meet. The third is Sharon Apple, and for why, you will need to watch the film!

As part of their faultering attempts to get back into the UK market via the DVD reissue route, Manga released the DVD box set of Macross Plus, including the OAV and the movie, in 2002. Considering the amount on the set, the price and the quality, I can easily forgive the label cock-up, but I'm somewhat more forgiving than some folk! Having said that, this was a box set well worth having.

[5 stars]

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