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Legend of Lemnear

Right. Hands up who remembers Plastic Little? The guy responsible for that was Satoshi Urushihara whose output is very distinctive for two reasons. These are both pink and very well drawn. Now that might sound sexist, but if you ever watched that anime, and if you ever watch this one, then you might even try reading Chirality, and you will notice that his penchant for nipples borders on the obsessive! I might do him a disservice, but it is an easy thing to assume having watched this boob-laden other-worldly anime.

It seems that there is a power imbalance. The land is covered in darkness, and sorcerers abound, dominating the land and its people. Into a town comes Lemnear, a warrior and somewhat busty girl, whose defence of her womanhood in a bar brawl soon gets her noticed by the local town slaver, bully and all round round guy. But below him waits the secret behind Lemnear and her fate, and beyond him lies the biggest sorcerer of all. Even that isn't the end, since bigger evil lies behind all, evil which Lemnear is destined to confront.

Yes, there are boobs. There are sexual advances. You could never hope to show this to the kiddies without some welfare officer going ape. The story, however, is simple, clear and direct. It has a few similarities with Plastic Little beside the boobies, and the whole thing will appeal to anyone that liked that previous work. The artwork is clear and distinctively Urushihara, the only big gripe is the usual one about USMC and the lack of Japanese credits for the seiyuu. Oh well...

[3 stars]

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