Lurkers' Retreat
1: PIO 10034
2: PIO 10035
All dub

1: 12
2: PG

Pioneer LDCA
11487 DVD
Regions: 1, 4

Cert  US import


It basically explains Mew & Mica away as a couple of super-powered alien girls sent to protect the Earth... I guess that about covers it! They are supposed to be protecting the puny Earth creatures from some bozos called CHAOS (oh boy!) and, naturally, they are to remain inconspicuous...

I'm not sure whether this should be termed a straight comedy or a parody, since the whole thing could stand up as either. The two girls have little responsibility in them and are constantly giving each other and their sidekick Akai grief, until their controller (or whatever they call him) calls them to order, usually by way of a pizza (if you don't know what I mean, then picture Skuld's arrival in Oh My Goddess, then replace Keiichi's bath with a 9" with everything and you have it!) There are also some very odd lines which sound like the folk doing the dubbing might have been treated to one too many viewings of Samurai Pizza Cats...

Each volume also includes a subbed live action short which features the seiyuu acting as Mew & Mica doing... much as they do in the anime!

Hell, I don't mind a bit of humour! Sometimes I feel that some anime people can be a touch too serious for their own good, so this kind of anime tends to burst their bubbles. It's not as raunchy as Kekkou Kamen, but it's a lot more slapstick than Ranma. A good title to watch after wrestling with the whys and wherefores of some of the heavier titles that are about. Hyperdoll isn't a glorious figurehead of an anime, but I don't think it was ever meant to be; it is just there for fun. I enjoyed it!

[4 stars]

The American DVD is a cheap reissue, one of many that are getting issued to cover the extensive back catalogue, but has been done cheaply. Although it does include a bilingual track, all the extra bits that were featured on the tapes are missing. Perhaps it is good to see this reissue, but my opinion is that it should never give less than the original, a fault that Pioneer keep making.

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