Lurkers' Retreat
KIS 93057 Dub

Cert PG

The Humanoid

Another of Kiseki's releases of USMC back catalog brings us this story of an android that wants to be human. Perhaps that is over-simplifying this story a bit, but besides the Megalosians wanting to get home and the Governor Proud wanting to control a power great enough to destroy the planet (Lazeria), that's all there is to this average title.

The animation is a little "Star-Blazers" in places, though its original release date, 1986, would excuse that a little. Certainly it has a few good sequences in the animation, and the music is reasonable, but it is hardly a block-buster as far as I can see. USMC has a lot better stuff in its back catalog, and if Kiseki can get its hands on those titles... oh well! I can but dream!

[3 stars]

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