Lurkers' Retreat
MANIA 1001 Dub

Cert 18

Guy (Awakening of the Devil)

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> Anyone remember this anime OAV from the '80s/early '90s? Would you
> recommend it? Is it a hentai? I've never actually seen it yet, but is it
> good or is it crap?

Suffered this. In the UK it was the one and only "Animania" release, and it sucked. Still see the occasional one in bargain buckets, flashy cover attempting to fool the unwary.

The man in question morphs into a super-powerful monster, he has a perpetually naked sidekick with huge HOOTERS and a knack of getting her enormous mudflaps into trouble and the obligatory mad scientist type. The story (if you can call it that) is the usual "good GUY goes in to rescue cute female from bad people with lots of gore and pointless stunts" type beat-em-up.

If you actually prefer action, there are plenty more titles of better content, both story and fights, than this. If you like hentai, then this is hardly going to satisfy you. This almost feels like an anime written by committee though, even there, you can find better. An anime that disappeared into obscurity, and better left so.

1 star

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