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1: MANV 1119
2: MANV 1120
3: MANV 1124
4: MANV 1125
5: MANV 1126
6: MANV 1127
7: MANV 1213

Cert  PG

except 5, 6:  PG

Giant Robo 1 - 7

Some years ago, Manga started releasing this series. It got as far as volume 6, then it stopped. For once, it wasn't Manga's fault, it was down to the fact that the last episode had not been made yet! Everyone, including the rabid GR fans of the world, waited with baited breath and sure enough, in 1998, GR7 finally appeared in the US followed by a release in the UK in January 1999.

Giant Robo is actually the name of a large robot. He only responds to the son of his creator who was killed some years before the story opened. However he is now part of the Agents of Justice whose task in this story is to stop Big Fire in its quest to conquer the Earth. The plots and schemes of Big Fire soon become subverted in themselves when the son of Dr. Von Folgar, a scientist involved in the creation of a new power source known as the Shizuma drive after its creator, seeks to finish what his father had begun, even if that meant the destruction of all life on Earth. As the fight becomes more desperate and casualties mount, it becomes clear that the Shizuma drive is more than just a ubiquitous tool, and the revenge that von Folger's son desires is not what he thinks it is either.

The long wait for part seven has been worth it? Maybe not. I always find it difficult to reconcile myself to such a wait, something that I endured with Macross Plus before. However, the story ends well if a little sadly and leaves the way open to a new adventure, so GR fans can pause in respect then start drooling again at what the future may bring.

The seventh tape also includes the pilot episode of Barefoot Ginrei which takes place during the previous series but outside the storyline. This one starts seven hours after the death of Dr. Shizuma, and folk are getting wound up about Ginrei's success against Big Fire. Ginrei has another, possibly more pressing matter, however. She has lost her favourite china dress! Oh the humanity!!! A light hearted view of the folk in the Agents of Justice and the members of Big Fire, though the lengthy insert between the two "parts" is a little unneccessary and would be better at the end, if have it you must.

[4 stars]

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