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New Gall Force

A lot of blurb about this being the final showdown between Sandy and her people and Gorn and the MME. The usual Mangle hype... Actually, the Mars forces are doing it the hard way rather than relying on large space-going mega-guns (see previous episode), but are afraid that the whole thing might go pear-shaped should the MME try a little hacking. Meanwhile, Rabby... er, sorry, Sandy is introduced to Catty, the tame android. (Rumours of Catty and Data are unfounded...)

The animation was OK, really, though the dub was jerky and sometimes lost continuity. This was especially the case toward the end, where Catty's exchanges with Sandy in Gorn's lair sometimes made the mind boggle. The designs were typical Sonoyan, with a few charas that would not have looked out of place in Gunsmith Cats.

I was desperately disappointed with the dubbing quality. Not that it surprises me, but to do it to an anime like Gall Force really annoys me, because it could have been done a lot better, or not at all (oh no! not sub vs. dub again!) That aside, I have yet to see one of Sonoda's designs that I haven't liked, and GF is no exception. If you are a dub only fan, then I would say go for it. If you are a picky fan, and had the money to do it, go have a dig around for the sub (USMC, I think). Either way, I think you might enjoy it.

[4 stars]

This review was based primarily on the "Earth 1/2/3" series. The following "New Era" series, however, didn't really vary much from the preceeding series; same faces, same sort of storyline, just different names. A further review:-

Part 1

Based on the charas created by Kenichi Sonoda, this series is set some two hundred years after the days of Sandy Newman. The dub is as bad, but the charas are still up to scratch, with a story that starts in a rebuilt dome on Earth that suddenly falls prey to.... well, you will have to wait for that!

Part 2

The girls are now stuck in an escape vessel on an unknown course and under attack. Catty has disappeared, no-one is answering the radio and all hope is seemingly lost. Again, the story is reasonable, the animation OK but shaky in places and the CTV Cardiff dub is as awful as ever.

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