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Ellcia - The Legend

A Fabled Ship... An Ancient Book... Throw in a power hungry, slightly daffy king, a couple of princesses, one of which could be a candidate for bitch of the year, and a magical set of islands and you have Ellcia. Sailing into all this is an odd mixture of people led by a young girl with a large sword, a short temper and trousers with only one leg...

The slow, expositional start builds into a story of science versus religion as an all-conquering continent that rapidly developed its technology and used it for warfare now seeks to extend its power by the use of a prophecy and a kidnapped prince. Pitted against them is a group of pirates including some odd charas such as a blue haired muscle woman and various children (including an egg shaped one that cries a lot) and a few men as well as a curious creature that appears to have precognitive powers. Things start to come to a head first when a theologian finds an ancient text book bleeding in his study.

OK, so it is a bit odd. It's unusual as anime goes, though far from unique. The animation is fairly standard and runs well, though some of the charas are a little unbelievable, especially Crystal (sp?) and her green costume and short spiky head, especially given her father, and her sister seems to give cause for concern too, seemingly a Tirolian reject. Having said that, it isn't too bad and the dub is bearable too. Now that I've seen it all, I can say that it isn't bad, though I've heard more than one person express the wish to pull Eira's tails! Not a stonkingly good anime, especially given an ending that was a little inconclusive (though not as bad as some that I've seen), but it's a sight better than some of ADV's recent outings (that damn stupid one about the four schoolgirls comes to mind!) If you don't mind the almost-total absence of gore but like a bit of action, go buy!

[4 stars]

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