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Dirty Pair Flash

I can say quite safely that this resembles Takachiho's original designs, but only if you squint hard! Any resemblance to the previous Dirty Pair anime (released in the US by Streamline and now only available with a bit of a search) is purely coincidental. In fact, Kei and Yuri in this have more in common with Adam Warren's versions than what was seen in Flight 005 Conspiracy, Project Eden or the Nolandia Affair. But then we are talking quite a time difference between the making of those classics and this number which has followed the current anime fashions slavishly, right down to spiky (and in Kei's case, two tone) hair.

So far, I'd have to say that what I have seen is very ordinary compared with what went before, but the difference is that the Flash series is following the pseudo-TV series format that OAV's seem to be locked into at the moment rather than the earlier shows which ran on much longer, and the story is only just getting under way so I might be surprised later on. I can't say that I am happy about the redesign of Kei and Yuri but they may appeal to some of the fans.

Three missions were released and it seemed that ADV are learning by their mistakes as Mission 2 Act 1 features three episodes per tape. (Famous last words; they reverted to form with the very next tape!) The first mission and the saga of the data card gives way to the affairs of a "20th century Earth" theme park and a drop of industrial sabotage, but in both cases the whole thing is dragged out by side stories which try to make some background to the Pair. More as the series progresses, but it has its redeeming features, even though I still believe that it lacks much of the original concept.

[2 stars]

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