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except Episode 2: 15

Burn Up W, Volume 1/2/3/4

It's a police drama with a little comedic sideplay, according to the blurb, and that isn't too far from the truth. The virtual drug storyline is the one to follow, though the other more episodic lines converge on it more and more as the series continues.

You may notice that I have updated this review since I first did this back when the second episode was released. A good reason for this really, since the story is getting darker as the series continues. However one comment that still applies even this far down the line is...


This is what I said back then... "On the idol, on the android killer, on the cops, they were everywhere! Some would say that this is a classic ADV release, but me? Naah! This boobfest is used to disguise an obviously developing main plot concerning this virtual drug of which the Warrior team have no knowledge as yet. Animation is of the current fashionable spiky brand except for the boobidoos, of course, while the dub is reasonable."

I still hold to this, even now as the virtual drug storyline takes a bigger hold and the obvious political overtones start popping up.

As I said in my first review of this... "Once I could put my eyes back in their sockets... Sorry, I don't know what came over me! And I'm normally such a considerate person... [Madoka: Yeah, sure, that's right! NOT] Anyway, as I already said, the dub is reasonable. What lets this down is the plot itself, which is lightweight. Good effects and, if you ignore the obvious attributes of the attack android, a lethal little package, straight out of the Brian J. Mason Book of Depraved Killing Mecha. The budget cut joke was a little overplayed, methinks..."

Obviously they agreed with me as they modified the joke in future episodes quite heavily, though money problems still affect people right through. Certainly the villians that have shown themselves so far are not original, but the story behind them is a novel twist... a bit like Genom meets Better Than Life (a Red Dwarf reference to a brain implanted virtual reality game which, while innocently intended, became a serious problem, though nothing like this!) In all, I am not so ill disposed toward this as I was, despite the obvious hooters...

[4 stars]

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