Lurkers' Retreat
Kiseki Films

Kiseki Films
KIS 94059 Dub

Cert  18

Big Wars

The blurb sets this story at the start of the 21st Century with man branching out onto the neighbouring planets. Set on Mars, the story is one of war between the humans and a mysterious enemy calling themselves "Gods". In objection to the movement of the humans from Earth to other planets, the Gods are trying to send the Earth peopl back where they came from, or kill them if they won't go willingly.

I guess the atmosphere was inevitably similar to Venus Wars though the story was very different. There was heavy emphasis on "Gods' Subversion" where people became "corrupted" by the doctrine of the enemy, the usual love interest which gets involved and a lot of mecha and fight scenes, though this was by no means a senseless beat-em-up since there was a plot involved. For all you Big Stompy Mecha haters out there, the mecha in this were all fairly ordinary battle machines, so you can rest your Eva-weary selves on this one.

It wasn't brilliant, but it was watchable. The animation was pretty standard, so no problems there, and the dub was USMC's own and fairly reasonable, though the cover was hardly informative about the actual content. In fact, with the Studio Nemo name on the cover, I originally thought it might be a sub... until I played it of course! This isn't going to break any records for Kiseki, but it is OK to watch, especially if you like your action but prefer to keep your brains switched on.

[3 stars]

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