Lurkers' Retreat

East2West Films
E2W 1006 Dub
29 minutes

Cert  12

Babel II, Part Two (First Blood)

Ko-Ichi has inherited the power of Babel, becoming Babel II. The origin of Babel's power is alien - Babel is a stranded alien who has now given up the possibility of getting home.

This appears to clear up plot lines opened in part one, where an organisation of psychics first unite Koichi with Babel, though not for the purpose originally intended by Babel. The organisation wants world domination (Oh, the usual things), where Babel was a little more magnanimous than that. Originally put out in this form in the US by Streamline Pictures.

It was a wait to get hold of this, and I suppose it was worth it. Possibly. The dub was OK, though the animation was a little flat in places - the SFX were OK though some of the zaps reminded me of Lum at her Darling-zakking best. Hardly an earth-shattering title for E2W's last, but it is certainly more watchable than some I've seen recently.

[3 stars]

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