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USMD 1731
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Cert  US Import

Ayane's High Kick

Ayane is a typical high school student. Well, as typical as any anime high school heroine gets, that is. This time we have on our hands a girl of very little brain who wants to be a pro-wrestler. Trouble is that she is hardly NWO material (sorry about the sad reference, but it was all that came to mind!), so she ends up with a coach that seems very interested in her legs. NO! NOT FOR THAT! This coach, Tangay by name, is convinced that he has found a new kick-boxing champion, despite the fact that Ayane hates the idea of kick-boxing. By the time she realises... well, let us say that it is not just a done deal, but she is already lining up enemies. Seems that she is just that bit too good.

This DVD contains two episodes, in a typical USMC setup which includes the English credits but, as seems usual for USMC, forgets the Japanese ones! This is the most annoying thing about USMC releases so far on DVD, which harks back to Western Connection in the UK who also had this annoying habit. That aside, the package is reasonable, though the title isn't really gripping. There seems to be a whole slew of titles of this type, from Gowcaizer to Metal Fighter Miku which all seem to have a similar modus operandi, and it gets boring after a while. A good example of the type, but hardly ground breaking stuff.

[3 stars]

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