Lurkers' Retreat

Well, it wouldn't be the same without the TV. Just in case you wanted to know how I do all my anime watching, from the top, we have a crummy UHF aerial with Tamagotchi attachment (yes it does work!), a Toshiba 2987DB TV (which wasn't fun carrying up the stairs!), an Aiwa MG350G VHS NTSC/PAL/MESECAM conversion video, a Sanyo VHR874 and a Samsung DVD 907. Oh and there was a Pace satellite decoder sitting out of shot, but I ran out of space in the cabinet. Ho hum! :)

Things have changed a bit since then; the MG350 is now sitting on a shelf as is the Sanyo, and I'm trying to find a buyer for the Sammy DVD. The TV has been re-tubed after the old one went bye-bye, the videos were replaced by a Thomson VPH 7090 (which sucks; I wish I'd never bought it!) and an Aiwa XD-DV370 DVD (which is a little slow but I have yet to find anything it won't play!) as well as a Grundig digital decoder (and no telephone line. I don't want MurdoVision jacking my phone bill up!)

This is Madoka. She has seen better days (well, she is getting on a bit for a computer) but still manages to keep up with the news (Usenet that is!). Actually, what you are looking at is an Acorn RISC PC 700 with Eesox SCSI CDR (4 x read/write), Iomega Zip and the ubiquetous 3Com/USR 56K Message Modem with a Watford 256 grey scale hand scanner on top of the side cab. Hard copy is via the Canon BJC 4100 sitting next door and the mess on the desk top is about average for me!

Just as with the TV, so things have changed with Madoka, who has been offline for a few years now. Miyuki handles most of the net stuff these days - Miyuki is another RPC running RISC OS 4, though I am attempting to net everything together with Misako, my giant ATX box. The printer was replaced by an Epson SC740, and joined later by a Kyocera FS1000 connected by a parallel T-Switch.

YUA plushies And these are Natsumi and Miyuki. Duh! (No, a different Miyuki!)
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