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Roger's UK site UK Short Circuit Pages Roger Venison's site, and well worth a read for all the news around the country.
Ten-Tenths Ten-tenths Good short circuit link selection and an oval discussion forum to boot, courtesy of Craig Antill
Oval Overload Oval Overload Link from Nick Hall and Rob Wilkinson. Read and enjoy!
Do U F2 Do You F2? Java/Javascript I finally added it, Noel! F2 news and goss from around the country.
Site offline
Wellbent WellBent News and reviews from the Banger racing world...
NIR Webzine NIR Webzine Brafield's circuit continues to maintain an independant voice with this new "unofficial" webzine site. If you are a Northampton fan, have a look!
Warton SnOrK Warton Online SnOrK and the world of Warton Wrecking!Previously known asBangers 2000
Full Contact Bangernet Terry Collins relaunches his Banger site with a new look!
Site offline
Marcs' site Marc's Banger Racing Website This site was created at the end of 2003 to cover bangers, primarily, though if you are looking for old reports (i.e. before 2003) from Crashnet, they appear here now.
Off The Wall Off The Wall Replaces Skeet Tong's Scottish website. Currently under construction...
Headless Headless Car Crash Page Smashes on the continent with this German site.
Site offline] The home of continental Banger racing, this link tothe English version, with German also easily accessed
YBA (no logo) Short Circuit Magazine Some news coverage of short circuits, though these days mostly devoted to longer articles.
Link updated 19-Sep-2003
Oldstox Oldstox site Fancy looking at bit of stock car history? Well, this site covers UK stocks from the mid-1950's up to the mid- 1970's. An interesting glimpse at our racing heritage... Java/javascript warning icon 
Short circuit racing in Belgium and Holland.

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