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Rob Speak Rob Speak One of the most successful BriSCA drivers in F2 now drives F1.
Site offline
Christie Group A Christie Racing Team Gary and Daren Christie and their Group A Corsa's are described in detail. Plenty of info for budding Hot Rod racers.
Whistlin' Jack Smith Whistlin' Jack Smith Certainly an overdue addition to the sites, in that this covers Hot Rods from a fan perspective.
Magpyes Magpye's Racing Team Chris Pye's Legends site for all you could want to know about these fast replicas Site offline
Wurzle at Standlake Wurzle's Web Site A worthy page or two by the nut on the Tractor at Standlake Arena (his words! Honest!)
Woodlands Team Woodlands Banger Team A Belgian Banger Team, submitted by Gio "The Beast".
Put the cat down, Damien! 666racing
Andy and Lynda and the various incarnations of Damien doing battle at Buxton. Visit now or the dog dies.... 666racing banner
Stockcar-Online Stock-Car Team (Robert Feist) A small German site, but growing!
Spedeworth V8 Spedeworth V8 Stock Cars
Site relaunched in 2003 for Spedeworth V8 Stock Cars Spedeworth V8 Stock Cars
Henham Chat Henham Raceway Yahoo group Those of you that are familiar with Yahoo Groups will probably know how to subscribe. This is a general gripe group for Henham Raceway in Essex.
The Condoms Mostly racing out of Arena Essex, the Condom team now has a site covering their activities, past and present.

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