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The names Crashnet, CrashnetUK, CrashnetSX and Madoka's Crash Pages, The Lurkers' Retreat and Chika's Gripeline are the intellectual property of Chris Johnson.

All copyrighted material referred to as the domain of Crashnet is the property of Chris Johnson, and all quotation of reports and/or use of photographs that are the copyrighted property of Crashnet must be done with the express written permission of Chris Johnson, contact details below.

Arena Essex (PRI) reports contained on this site are the copyrighted property of Chris Johnson and of Promotasport Raceways International (PRI, Tony Woodroffe, president) and may be used only with the permission of PRI, or of Chris Johnson as press agent representing PRI.

The site known as Crashnet is hosted by The provider is used according to their terms of service and do not directly assume responsibility for the content of the site. See the providers' home site for conditions of service.

Contact details

Chris Johnson may be contacted at this address. Please note that this address should not be used for official mail to Promotasport or any other promotion. Official mail should be directed postally to Promotasport Raceways, Arena Essex Raceway, A1306 Arterial Road, Purfleet, Essex; RM19 1AE.

Note on site design

This site was designed by Chris Johnson using HTML skills and nothing else! Simply put, it is the design ethic that while there are "enhancements" available for sites, including JavaScript, Flash and so forth, this does not mean that Crashnet has to use them, especially if I can create a site easily, quickly and with no fuss to either designer or user. By using HTML on its own, the site can be made to look as professional as any, and upload times are reduced accordingly.
Crashnet actively tries to abide by the HTML code and supports the Anybrowser campaign. Crashnet welcomes comments on any part of the site that may indicate a deviation from good coding, and undertakes to correct any error encountered.

!ArcWeb 1.92 for Acorn/RISC OS machines - Previous versions of this site were optimised for use of this browser. However as this browser is now obsolete with no further work promised, this site no longer supports this browser directly, although it should work with a few oddities caused by the lack of table support.

Other browsers may be considered for testing at a later date, but users of other browsers are welcome to send in the results of any problems they may encounter in the course of browsing this site.

The site is written by hand to cut down on redundant code that is often introduced by many page editors/web designers, which cuts down on load time and server space. The design uses no Microsoft code at all, and can therefore be guaranteed as 100% free from viruses that might infect systems running inferior Microsoft operating systems. Older pages that have not been updated recently will have been constructed using RISC OS and products available there though more recent pages are contructed using Quanta Plus running under openSUSE Linux (as of 2010, this is version 11.1).

(The various brand names quoted here are trademarks)

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