Review - Iczer 1/Iczer 3/Iczelion

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Review - Iczer 1/Iczer 3/Iczelion

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:56 am

It's a bit of a handful, I'll admit, but as I seem to have got everything together in one place, I might as well do the whole thing in one go.

In the depths of space, the Chthlu (occasionally called the Chthwulf or something like that, and sorry if the spelling is a little wild) exist in battle with themselves as a creature known as Big Gold attempts to dominate the universe. Standing against her is Iczer 1, who comes to Earth one day in search of a partner. She finds one in the unlikely form of Kano Nagisa. Yes, she's a high school girl! And yes, she is reluctant to do it at first until people around her, including her parents, start turning into rather squelchy monsters. That's the start of it all and, in a three part OAV, Iczer 1 and Nagisa battle with monsters, BSMs and, finally, Big Gold herself (if you could give a gender to the creature that Big Gold is). It isn't without a bit of humour though, especially the somewhat ineffectual Fuji craft that the military keeps sending in to try to defeat the various BSMs.

Adventure! Iczer 3 is a follow-up to the three part Iczer 1 series, and is set many years in the future. Iczer 1 has had a run-in with Neos Gold, described only as a "spawn of Big Gold's evil". The result of the fight was a stalemate and, since both combatants were tired and shagged out, they adjourn to lick their wounds and Neos dispatches her four generals to set up the battlefield for the next round. That turns out to be Earth. The military was the first against the wall and about 40% of the population was wiped out in the first attack including all but five people on the moonbase including a young girl doing a part-time job there who just happens to be called Nagisa. Being just as whacked as Neos, Iczer 1 is unable to do anything about it so Iczer 3, her younger sister, is sent to hold the fort until Iczer 1 can drag herself into battle. iczer 3 joins forces with Nagisa but is, considering her tender years, somewhat inexperienced and makes many mistakes along the way.

I should quickly mention that, for reasons I have yet to fathom, CPM renamed the latter series "Iczer Reborn" which makes little sense because the only Iczer to be reborn in the series is Iczer 2! The chara Iczer 2 is one of only a couple of things that links the two series; built by Big Gold, her only task is to kill Iczer 1. It's a side story, especially in the latter series.

Then we have Iczelion. To be honest, it strikes me as a pilot series that was never continued because it didn't really have much to go on. It wasn't part of the Iczer series as such, taking place in a different time frame, and the only link was a chara who looked like Nagisa and who happened to be called Nagisa. Earth was being attacked by strip-mining androids, Chaos and Cross, along with their somewhat gormless lackeys, the Geas, against whom the various Iczelions are pitted. The story revolves around how this version of Nagisa meets up with Iczel, a sort of robot that turns out to be some sort of symbiotic android creature that bonds onto Nagisa to turn her into Iczelion, a powered warrior of sorts. It takes the whole of the two episodes to get her to reconcile her to her new role in life, during which she is grossed out, scared and intimidated, and spends much of the time screaming her guts out.

I didn't mind Iczer 1. I should explain that, in the dim and distant past, I saw Iczer 3 first, and the Iczer 1 series served well to fill in a few bits of history that are a little vague in the latter series. In all, I rather liked those two series and still occasionally play them. Although both series can be a little predictable, they muddy the whole "good vs. evil" bit just enough. As for Iczelion, it's a series that, while it isn't bad, it is hardly memorable. Perhaps, if somebody had thought to put a full story together and publish it, I could say more, but judging on what I have to hand, I have a threshold for screaming fits and it passed it.
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