Review - Sorcerer Hunters

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Review - Sorcerer Hunters

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:55 am

This comes off yet another overnight run. It's another TV series based on a manga and, in this case, it's a manga I've read a few times including fairly recently.

In a future continent on an Earth ravaged by war but now at relative peace, certain "sorcerers" were ruling the rest of the people according to their own whims. While some weren't too bad, some were a little eccentric and others were downright cruel. Enter the Sorcerer Hunters, a group of people dedicated to correcting this problem at source (hehe).

This, plus a number of the lesser one-off stories, are about as much as the anime shares with the manga. The anime dispenses with much of the back plot to the earlier books, a number of the side charas (including two of my own favourites; Lord Potato and Cinnamon Tea) and thoroughly mangles the ending.

So, if we take the manga aside and concentrate on the anime alone, what do we have? Five charas in the main group, starting with Carrot Glace and his two doting, dominatrix girlfriends; Tira Misu and her big sister Chocolate. Then we have Carrot's younger brother Marron and a large man called Gateau to provide the muscle. They are controlled by Big Momma, the Haze Knights (yes, I know the manga calls them "Haz" but work with me here!) and work against a selection of bad guys, the biggest being a former knight leader who wants to destroy everything to get peace (makes sense, I suppose - kill everyone, then peace is pretty much all that is left!)

Much of the early series consists of a fairly formulaic setup; Big Momma and "Dotta" (manga readers will know her better as Daughter) give the group a job. The group go out and do the job but end up screwing up something somewhere, especially given that the main chara, Carrot Glace, is portrayed as a kind of sanitised Ataru Moroboshi. In some cases, it works out, but it can get annoying at times.

The later series concerns a bastardised version of the closing story from the manga. Chances are that, if you haven't read the series (previously released by TokyoPop some years ago), you may not suffer from the "that isn't how it went" syndrome that I did, but you may be left somewhat confused.

On the whole, the lack of some charas, the lack of resolution of the whole love triangle situation with Carrot, Tira and Chocolate and the heavy handed changes to the end which left some of the last episodes gasping for filler (lots of still scenes of eyes or dead people) bugged me no end but the earlier series, despite the lack of Potato, had its moments.
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