Review - I My Me! Strawberry-Eggs

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Review - I My Me! Strawberry-Eggs

Postby mistie710 » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:52 am

My last review of 2008, and I must admit it was something of a struggle. The series in question has a very intriguing title, something which drew me to it, but I'm feeling somewhat let down by the whole experience as a result.

The story starts with a PE graduate teacher, Hibiki, who needs to find work to pay the rent. Luckily for him, there's a school just up the road but, frustratingly, the principal is steadfastly opposed to employing men. It doesn't help that her vice-principal also hates men, so you can imagine the reception he got when he strode into the office and demanded employment. However the landlady of Hibiki's home, a strange, short but rather active old woman, has an idea to discredit (or at least re-educate) these man haters. It involves disguising Hibiki as a woman, so fooling the two into giving "her" a job. The test required for employment, however, is to teach the clumsiest girl in the school to run 100m without falling over, a feat she manages to do but not without giving the pair a bit of a shock.

The school in question is mixed but, because of the overriding man hatred in the school, the few boys there are tend to be treated as third class or janitors, each sex being reminded constantly of man's inadequancy and woman's superiority, a theme that runs right through the series. The vice-principal spends a fair amount of time and energy trying to unmask Hibiki, mostly as a result of her suspicions being aroused following a bit of an indiscretion on Hibiki's part during an early episode.

The artwork is very lush in this series, though a rather annoying tendency was to draw all the girls with shiny skin as though they were all oiled up or something which struck me as very unnatural, but I liked the opening and closing music a lot. The series, however, lasts for thirteen ultimately forgettable episodes as, apart from Hibiki him/herself and possibly the two perverts that share his home (and are forever getting into trouble because of their obsession with the girls), the charas are nothing more than ordinary high school cliches and the stories feel more like a bunch of morality tales. Indeed it got so bad at one point that I had to fish out the first bit of anime I could find to wake me up (the honours go to Macross Plus, Excel Saga and Urusei Yatsura as well as a heavy dose of Animaniacs!)

I can see why this didn't get past thirteen episodes. Beautifully packaged but, ultimately, it has all been done before elsewhere and I hate being preached at. After all, that was why I lost my interest in mainstream American animation in the 80's and got into anime in the first place. If you want cute (albeit shiny) girls and plenty of panty shots, pervert bashing and lukewarm storylines then, yes, you can get that in this series, but it was funnier in Ranma 1/2 and it was told better in Kimagure Orange Road. This just feels like I've been cheated of thirteen episodes.
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