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The way to find your way around Crashnet was changed in 2004 to allow users an easier way to find their way around and to allow a user to jump back easier to the main index and any intermediate index.

If you look at the page in the top right-hand corner, you will see a list that, for this page, says "Crashnet > Navigation Guide".

This is the "tab bar" or "folder bar", "Crashnet" referring to the main index page (the one that normally is shown when you type the site address in). By clicking on this, you will be returned to that page.

Corner display on main page

The only real exception to this is the index page itself which has a navigation bar to the main parts of the site instead. "Fixtures" take you to the fixture page (which is a mixture of fixture lists and links to promotion site fixtures - please contact me if you want a list added). "Reports" takes you to the report index, "Links" to the link page and "Guide" to the "Idiot's Guide to Oval Racing".

Because the site is arranged in such a way that all pages are effectively linked to each other, however, you will find that you should be able to use your browsers' "back" button to move back through the pages you have browsed.

Although a few of the pages on Crashnet do still have "Go back" buttons on them (especially in the Idiots Guide section), these are usually leftovers from older versions of the site and may be removed later. Where they do appear, I have tried to make sure that they do still work properly.

Report navigation buttons Report Navigation buttons
Within the reports section, you can quickly skip between report files for each week using these buttons. The left button takes you to the meeting previous to the one you are reading, the right button to the next (please note that you cannot jump from year to year with this). The middle button returns you to the year index.

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