My one and only program!


This is a very rough and ready program that takes an address and mung's it for you. The code it returns can normally then be copied into a web page to provide a degree of security against harvesters. Be aware, however, that this is not a foolproof way of doing it, since some harvesters can now work out the code for itself. This is an old program now, so I'm hardly going to tout it as a miracle solution for all your web based spam harvesting woes!

Required system:

  • Acorn Computer, Iyonix, RiscStation, Mico or emulation running RISC OS
  • BBC BASIC (Any version)
  • Any text editor that can be used as a task window
Note that this program was written for BASIC running on a RISC OS computer. If you are running anything else, then don't bother with this program. I have to put up with other OS's when I work, but I don't see why I have to at home!

Note that this is a very scrappy program which works at the command line, hence the need for a task window. Shown right is an example of a run.

Simply run as shown, then cut where the program tells you and save the cut piece, either directly into your code, or into a file for later use.

Note that the program is supplied as is, and I cannot take any responsibility for any problems arising from it, though it is such a simple bit of code that I doubt that anyone is liable to have problems with it! I don't mind if the code is supplied elsewhere, but please don't claim credit for it! It isn't nice!

Download MungAdd (ZIP file - 712 bytes)
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MungAdd in progress!